Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yesterday was so fun! I hung out with Alyssa, Povo, and Meghan and we went back up to that warehouse. Then some kids came up and Povo scared the shit out of them because he screamed rape. Haha. Then today I was gonna go again, but I was way too tired. Today I designed a really kickass tattoo for my sister and I to get. She's getting hers before the Def Leppard concert, and I'm getting mine in August. She may wait to get hers when I get mine though. It's really cool because I designed it and shit. It's kickass. School is almost over and I can't wait. Blah

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


today was kickass. School sucked, but that's nothing new. But Alyssa, Sam, Povo and I hung out after school and it was fun. It sucked that it rained though. We walked to this abandoned warehouse, which there is supposedly a demon in? Haha. We made a fire in it but then Alyssa heard quads and so she and Povo were jumping in the fire to put it out. Then we had to go cause Sam had to go study for spanish. I almost fell 23932 times and Alyssa called me an ass. We kept quoting the tourettes guy. It was funny. My Iron Maiden shoes got soaked :(. We're probably gonna go tomorrow. It better not rain or I'll be pissed. Holy shit.